At Focus Health Training we are dedicated to providing a solution for individuals to achieve their most fulfilling, healthy life possible at any age. We work on challenging limitations in body and mind and expanding life to its fullest potential. 




Our Focus45 classes are results focused classes aimed at improving a specific area of health and fitness. The intensity ranges from low to high and each class is suited to a different level. Below are our current Focus45 classes.. 


This is our most popular form of training. It’s great value for money and has all the benefits of your own Personal Trainer in a small group environment. You can workout at your own pace whether it’s nice and easy or you can tough it out with an intense challenging training session. Each session is 90 minutes long and is constantly varied for a fun, challenging workout. We use the latest, most effective training techniques to get you the results you want using a mixture of resistance training, cardiovascular training, interval training, boxing, mobility and outdoor training. These sessions are tailor made around your personal needs and abilities, making these classes suitable for any level whether you are a total beginner or you're an experienced trainee. 


This is our one on one Personal Training option which is ideal for anyone wanting very specific attention and focus towards an individual goal. Our Focus You package is better described as coaching than just a Personal Training session, as your coach will monitor your weekly training, nutrition and lifestyle and most importantly will hold you accountable to whatever you have agreed. The calibre of service in the Focus You package is of the highest level and your Coach will help you to reach your specific health and fitness goals in the safest and most effective way possible using the most up to date methods.


“Maddy & Tana are the ultimate personal trainers, providing the perfect combination of meticulously researched and diverse training methods, individualized and innovative exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting.”